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5 SEO tips to help you after latest Google Search updates

16 Oct

SEO is harder and harder these days, and ranking your site/blog is getting really difficult. The last Google update mashed really good 1st page websites, and they are nowhere to be found on the search engine. Don’t worry, you can still plan a comeback, but you have to rethink the strategy. Here are the strongest weapons that will get you high in Google Search engine:

1. Private blog networks with unique content, located on different webhosts
2. Guest blogging is getting really appreciated. It’s not cheap, but it pays off better than anything else
3. Genuine Social traffic
4. Real Web 2.0 articles. Stop spinning articles that can’t be read, because this is not working anymore. Use real and interesting articles on Web 2 networks.
5. High PR Blog comments is also appreciated

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How to add justify alingment to Blogger content

14 Sep

Tonight I just faced a small dilema. I installed a new theme on one of my blogs. Everything went perfect until I’ve seen the text. Was not aligned the right way. I search for a solution, and I finally found it. Here it is:

1.Open blogger dashboard, go to design > template designer > html editor

2.Search for “.post-body{
3. Paste text-align:justify; before the “}” end.
4. Save the template

That’s all. Now all the blogger text should be align with justify option.

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