List of free directories

31 Mar

Free directories are considered an outdated method of link building. Even so, directory submission made the right way will bring popularity to your online business. It’s a relatively simple and effective way to get links, optimized anchor text and increased rankings in Google.

Why are directories useful?

When creating profile links to a site it appears the invariably anchor text problem: links does not always have the authoritative anchor text that we want. If they are obtained in a natural way using various methods of link building, these links add value to your PageRank, trust and authority, but does not help enough with ranking.

Web directories provide us the missing element in this links profile by containing anchor text keywords targeted in SEO campaign.

This list is not updated, but I’m sure you will find some nice directories here.

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Where to submit your RSS

31 Mar

What is RSS?
RSS is used to provide items containing short descriptions of web content together with a link to the full version of the content. (Wikipedia) This means that anyone can read your blog in a simplified mode using a reader or a browser. No designs is needed, because they will focus on the content. There are ways to implement RSS feeds for any imaginable topic. If you decide to create one or more feeds on your website or blog will certainly make your visitor experience more enhanced. What folks fail to understand is that RSS feeds can also enhance the website owner’s experience, because search engines are found of RSS feeds.

Today I will provide 3 lins to RSS directories that I’m using when promoting my websites. Bookmark them!

How to get indexed in Google fast

31 Mar

A lot of folks are putting a lot of work into creating websites, but no one really understand the power of SEO. A business centered around a good website works great only if your website is established. In order to get there, you must work a lot on it.

The first step is to get indexed in Google. If you’re asking yourself the big question: “Hot to get indexed in Google fast” I have a simple solution for you:

Just insert your link there and press the Rapid Index button.

I’m promoting two websites today

31 Mar

I’m getting ready to make some magical SEO work on two websites that I’m working lately. Probably it will take me 2-3 hours to finish. 

Golden link of the day:

Tla link sold yesterday

30 Mar

Well, after some time I tweaked the description for some TLA blogs and I manage to find a good one. So, I sold another link on a fashion blog. Right now I have around 10 links sold. Yey

Check my Golden Box if you have a blog in order to see how TLA works