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5 SEO tips to help you after latest Google Search updates

16 Oct

SEO is harder and harder these days, and ranking your site/blog is getting really difficult. The last Google update mashed really good 1st page websites, and they are nowhere to be found on the search engine. Don’t worry, you can still plan a comeback, but you have to rethink the strategy. Here are the strongest weapons that will get you high in Google Search engine:

1. Private blog networks with unique content, located on different webhosts
2. Guest blogging is getting really appreciated. It’s not cheap, but it pays off better than anything else
3. Genuine Social traffic
4. Real Web 2.0 articles. Stop spinning articles that can’t be read, because this is not working anymore. Use real and interesting articles on Web 2 networks.
5. High PR Blog comments is also appreciated

You can buy guest blogging at good prices from TLA (make an advertiser account).

Don’t forget to check How to promote your website effectively.

How to promote your website effectively

17 May


Find out what is the best promotion for your site, find out what customers generate traffic for your business!

Many friends ask me how to get visitors on their site? There are only three possible answers:
– Typing the address directly
– Following a link in an email / electronic document stored offline
– Following a link from another website

There are visitors that type your website address directly but this happens if you managed to build a brand. It’s not easy to enter a name in people’s minds. It takes time, money and a correct strategic vision. Pay attention to branding and domain name! 9 of 10 people who know your address will introduce it (full or partial) into the Google search box and not in the browser’s address field!

Email works (sometimes) when you pass news. There isn’t a well established market for news. You have to create it yourself and trying to promote something like that can be extremely frustrating. The advantage of email is it’s low cost. But any cost with no positive effect is actually a loss. Introducing news is the prerogative of large companies, who sacrifice a portion of profit to test new directions for development. For the small entrepreneur who has dozens of employees wasting time can be even worse than losing a small amount of money. When they want to promote news, 9 entrepreneurs in ten fail. Are you really that brave?

Links on other sites you can send you qualified visitors, previously filtered by those sites. But …

It’s no use for you to have a link on a website whose subject is not related to your site. In the best case you have visitors who leave immediately. And if you think about off-site Google optimization, Google does not pay too much attention on those links either. Sites that will send you qualified visitors are those with information on the same niche, those with additional information, directories of links (if your link appears in the appropriate category) and search engines, especially Google.

Google provides the highest quality traffic to websites. The visitor’s qualification process of is very direct: the search query. Google sponsored links are ideal to identify keywords which must revolve around your site to reach the goal.


Promoting your website offline

This method often is ineffective. Who remembers a website address? Do you know how many?

If you’re going to bring the famous brands in discussion you must know that famous brands are something else. When you have a known brand, your site will most frequently be found with Google search by brand name, not by entering the address in the browser. It is easier to write it in the Google’s search field! If you want to create a brand name, make the choice carefully!

Use every opportunity to promote it outside the Internet, but only if it’s free. And if you already pay for business advertising, it does not cost anything extra to promote your site. Do it!


Promote your website through links

You need to use text links mainly because banner links developed a strong rejection phenomenon in the last years. The ideal way to promote your site is to link to it from authority and related websites or blogs. This way you will get qualified traffic (visitors interested in the presented niche).

You can register free your site in directories available on the web, but avoid the ones that ask for reciprocal links. They will use you and others like you for their own promotion. If your site’s traffic is low you will lose all visitors. When you register your website choose the right directory category, this will help to ne better positioning on Google.

You can exchange links with sites that offer the products or services you offer. You can exchange links with your vendors and suppliers. Write articles about your field of expertise and offer them free to be posted on other sites. Be sure to include a valid link to your site and a brief description. In this regard, you can always try Amazing Selling Machine Review to get yourself started.

Make a Facebook page for your business. Everyone owns a Facebook today, and you can build a strong fan base  with Facebook.


Choose to promote your website by email when there is Internet demand for the product or service you offer. If you want immediate results, you can use Google Adwords. Use sponsored links, but if you’re on a tight budget you can use free directories, RSS directories or/and link exchange. You need targeted visitors because those will convert to sells.

Displays their email address in the ads, in press articles, in leaflets, on billboards and banners on cars, cards. Always associated address a description of few words!

If your blog gets high enough in rankings, you can start making money with it.

Google May 2012 update

17 May

After the latest Google update, many websites went down, many businesses loose a lot of potential customers. Let’s not forget that G is the king when it comes to online customers. If you don’t own first page position you don’t exist. Some of my websites lose their position, some gained PR. It’s funny to see the stats bouncing up and down.

Visitors drop

10 Apr

I’m not sure what hapenned these days but I’ve experience massive visitors drop. Maybe it has something to do with that fiverr gig that I bought on article submission. My bad!

later edit: I just found out that Google did another update. This one is was. called Panda Update. via Friv 100

List of free directories

31 Mar

Free directories are considered an outdated method of link building. Even so, directory submission made the right way will bring popularity to your online business. It’s a relatively simple and effective way to get links, optimized anchor text and increased rankings in Google.

Why are directories useful?

When creating profile links to a site it appears the invariably anchor text problem: links does not always have the authoritative anchor text that we want. If they are obtained in a natural way using various methods of link building, these links add value to your PageRank, trust and authority, but does not help enough with ranking.

Web directories provide us the missing element in this links profile by containing anchor text keywords targeted in SEO campaign.

This list is not updated, but I’m sure you will find some nice directories here.

PR 6
14 more
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Where to submit your RSS

31 Mar

What is RSS?
RSS is used to provide items containing short descriptions of web content together with a link to the full version of the content. (Wikipedia) This means that anyone can read your blog in a simplified mode using a reader or a browser. No designs is needed, because they will focus on the content. There are ways to implement RSS feeds for any imaginable topic. If you decide to create one or more feeds on your website or blog will certainly make your visitor experience more enhanced. What folks fail to understand is that RSS feeds can also enhance the website owner’s experience, because search engines are found of RSS feeds.

Today I will provide 3 lins to RSS directories that I’m using when promoting my websites. Bookmark them!

How to get indexed in Google fast

31 Mar

A lot of folks are putting a lot of work into creating websites, but no one really understand the power of SEO. A business centered around a good website works great only if your website is established. In order to get there, you must work a lot on it.

The first step is to get indexed in Google. If you’re asking yourself the big question: “Hot to get indexed in Google fast” I have a simple solution for you:

Just insert your link there and press the Rapid Index button.