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Tips on how to get accepted in TLA program

26 Jul

If you are looking for a nice affiliate program that really pays, you should opt for TLA. They are accepting only quality websites and blogs, so if you just started yours you should first work hard on promoting it and after that you should think of TLA.

  • You need to have at least a PR3 blog/site (check your PR here)
  • In order to sell links, your Alexa Rank should be under 2000000.
  • Your site needs to have quality content
  • Make sure you have a nice description


If you think your website/blog meets the requirements, you can submit now to TLA.

Tla link sold yesterday

30 Mar

Well, after some time I tweaked the description for some TLA blogs and I manage to find a good one. So, I sold another link on a fashion blog. Right now I have around 10 links sold. Yey

Check my Golden Box if you have a blog in order to see how TLA works