List of free directories

31 Mar

Free directories are considered an outdated method of link building. Even so, directory submission made the right way will bring popularity to your online business. It’s a relatively simple and effective way to get links, optimized anchor text and increased rankings in Google.

Why are directories useful?

When creating profile links to a site it appears the invariably anchor text problem: links does not always have the authoritative anchor text that we want. If they are obtained in a natural way using various methods of link building, these links add value to your PageRank, trust and authority, but does not help enough with ranking.

Web directories provide us the missing element in this links profile by containing anchor text keywords targeted in SEO campaign.

This list is not updated, but I’m sure you will find some nice directories here.

PR 6
14 more

PR 5
100 more

PR 4
200 more

PR 3
360 more

PR 2
490 more

PR 1

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    […] you can use Google Adwords. Use sponsored links, but if you’re on a tight budget you can use free directories, RSS directories or/and link exchange. You need targeted visitors because those will convert to […]

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